Welcome, my friend.

My name is Olaudah Equiano, formerly known as Gustavus Vassa the African. You may have read my autobiography 'The Interesting Narrative ...' which was published a few years ago (OK 215 years ago!). I would like you to help me update my book for the 21st century so that I, Olaudah Equiano, can have my very own webpage.

I am glad that I found you, I have been looking for someone to help me modernise my image and get my story into cyberspace. I have been thinking about what I would like on my webpage and I have decided that I would like the following areas to be written about:

The background to the Atlantic Slave Trade

What happened to me when I was captured as a slave

What the conditions were like as a slave in America

What happened after I gained my freedom

The fight against Slavery and my work with the anti slavery society


You should use the following websites to help find out about my story:


I would like you to work in teams to put my story on the Internet:

You should write my story in a word document (unless you can use Dreamweaver or can write in html). Once you have completed your task you should email it to comptonhistory so that it can be posted into cyberspace.


I will be seeing how well you have done both individually and as part of a team and this is how I will grade you:

Group Work - Each student is graded by the group.
1 point - Student did not participate.
2 points - Student participated to a small degree.
3 points - Student offered a few helpful thoughts and ideas.
4 points - Student offered opinions and ideas that helped others a great deal.

Research (to be graded by teacher and student together)

1 point - Student used one or two resources.
2 points - Student used a few online resources but shows low level of understanding
3 points - Student used a variety of online resources and shows good understanding.
4 points - Student went out of the way to gather independent resources and shows excellent understanding of the material.

Article for website (to be graded by teacher)
1 point - Student made minimal effort, copied much material from sources.
2 points - Student made an effort to put material into his or her own words.
3 points - Student had original thoughts and took the time to organise material.
4 points - Student wrote and organised the article, drawing on many resources.

Presentation of research (a joint grade for each group from classmates and teacher)
1 point - Student put in little preparation, stumbled over material.
2 points - Student did a good job but did not make extra effort.
3 points - Student presented informative and well-planned material.
4 points - Student's and group's extra effort was obvious to all.


I would like to thank you for your help in bring the story of Olaudah Equiano into the 21st century. If you want to find out more about my fellow fighters for justice and equality then check out the Black Britons webquest